The Long-time Weekly Newspaper for the Saugatuck-Douglas, Michigan Area

The Commercial Record has served the Saugatuck-Douglas, Michigan community since 1868. This on-line archive is the result of long-term efforts by the following local organizations:

  • The Saugatuck-Douglas District Library
  • The Friends of Saugatuck-Douglas Library
  • The Saugatuck-Douglas Historical Society
  • The Saugatuck-Douglas Public Schools
The project members thank the current publisher of the Commercial Record, Cheryl Kaechele, for allowing us to photograph the newsprint archive.

Click here to read a brief history of the C-R.

There are two ways to search the archive: by content or by year. Currently the years 1868 through 1977 have been digitized (1881 recently added, we are working on the 1960s, 1872-76 still missing). Note that 1968 will be the final year digitized until we secure funding for converting more microfilm to digital form. Each year that we add will cost a few hundred dollars in addition to our volunteer effort.

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