Date:April 20, 1995

Interviewee:Esther Eddy


Esther was born in the UP.Both her parents were teachers.†† Her maternal grandmother lived to be 99 years.In 1920, Esther was 20 and a senior at MSU.Her husband to be, Ben, brought her to the family farm, called ďBeechhurstĒ, it meet his mother. The farm was on Ferry Street.Scott Eddy, Benís father, had fought in the Civil War and became Postmaster for Ganges.


Esther remember clearly Nortonís Drug Store in Douglas, Waltzís Butcher Shop, the Kerr brick building in Douglas, Mr. Schuamís Dry Goods Store.






Dick Haight Ė Technician

Erin Wilkinson - Technician