Three-part video of Peggy Boyce alone in her home amid her art work.


Part 1 (50)

Peggy describes growing up with an artistic grandmother and mother who stimulated and encouraged her and her siblings to be creative.  She describes the stages of her artistic development including her tutorials with Cora Bliss Taylor and her degrees from GVSU and WMU, her art teaching career and the various media and motives that propelled her high volume productivity.


Part 2 (15) 

Peggy outlines her art philosophy as it relates to child development, and specifically to the broadening of observational capacities and personal identity formation. 


Part 4 (30)

Sitting with a selection of her works, Peggy describes the evolution of her work from watercolor to paper art as well as her style of work.  Having recently lost her husband of well over a half century, she describes how painting helped her to bridge the loss.


Peggy is a fascinating storyteller who understands the psychology of art as well as its mechanics.  This video will be an excellent resource for art educators and young artists, as well as those interested in local art.  Much of her work captures the local river, beaches and dunes, as well as work and pleasure boats.  Hopefully the SDHS will someday exhibit her collection of local scenes and use this video as a background.


-synopsis by John Shack