DATE:    2/15/96


Marti Peterkin


The family came from Oak Park in1942 to a house on Lake Street (now torn down), which was near Dykstra’s Funeral Home.  Her sister-in-laws family had a store south of Surrey.


Some of her memories included:


Big Pavilion and the fire

Small Oval Beach

Feelings about Saugatuck today (better)

Her redwood house on Hoffman - #422 over 100 yrs. Old in 1995.

Abbott Davis Jr. as an historian for the Art & Women’s Clubs.

Peggy Boyce, Jane Van Dis

William Butler’s desk in the Women’s Club

Neighbors Jim & Katherine Sheridan

RJ Peterson and the Harbors – originally planned as a retirement community

Cora Bliss, painter from Chicago.  She had a house on Mason St. with a studio in back

Hospital in Kirby House.  Her brother had been a patient there.