May Francis Heath Memorial

The May Francis Heath Memorial Project was formed in 2009 to:
1) determine and implement a public memorial for Saugatuck's first historian, May Frances Heath (1873-1961)
2) To collect and present information about Mrs Heath.

Data to be collected includes: News articles, photos, copies of her paintings and her various writings. A variety of activities are planned leading up to the 50th anniversary of her death (Sept. 1961- Sept 2011).

If you have information to share regarding May Francis Heath, please contact a member of the Memorial Committee. (Members: Chris Yoder, Marshia Kontio, Peg Sanford, Jim Schmeichen, Mary Lyons, Sally Winthers, and Jack Sheridan). Donations for this project may be made out to the "SDHS" marked for "The May Heath Memorial Fund".


Memories of May Francis Heath

MayHeath Granddaughter of the Man Who Named Saugatuck


May Heath- Public School Teacher

May Heath and the

Saugatuck High School Alumni Association

May Heath and the Man She Married


May Heath Saves the Treaty Oak


May Heath and the Woman's Club

May Heath and the Saugatuck Centennial of 1930


May Heath and the Village Square

May Heath- Businesswoman


May Heath and The Congregational Church


May Heath Goes To Florida


May Heath - Song Writer


May Heath - Homes Named "Heathcote"

May Heath- Public Speaker- and the Douglas O.E.S

May Heath's Diaries

May Heath's "Early Memories of Saugatuck"

May Heath - Artist

May Heath Goes To Europe

May Heath and The Saugatuck-Douglas Historical Society

May Heath- Mother, Grandmother, and Great-Grandmother


The Passing of May Francis Heath


May Francis Heath

May Francis Heath

May Francis Heath

May Francis Heath

May Francis Heath

May Francis Heath

May Francis Heath

Heath Family Home Movies- Martel House and Oval Beech

May Francis Heath Photos

May Francis Heath Paintings

May Francis Heath Newspaper Clippings