Memories of Saugatuck Douglas


An important, but often neglected, part of a local history is made up of the treasured memories and favorite stories of the people who have lived there. These are often more personal than matters of public and political impact, but they are no less significant to telling the story of the community and its people.


You are invited to submit your own stories and photos which will become a part of these internet archives. Email Chris Yoder at or call him at: 857-4327.


Some local stories:


Stories from the 2003 Museum Exhibit, all written by SDHS historian/story teller extraordinaire

Jim Schmiechen, and titled:


''Tales of the Villages''


1)                Saugatuck's House of the Seven Gables

2)                The White Squaw

3)                Black Bears, Fat Men, and Mt. Baldhead

4)                A Boy Meets a Remarkable Man

5)                Helen's Chair and the History of the World

6)                Jonathan Wade's Dream

7)                Mrs. Vosburgh's Chapel

8)                The Famous Kids on Spear Street

9)                Two Brothers

10)           Mrs. Swift's Heaven on Earth

11)           Under the Treaty Tree

a.     John Pahl Tells the Story As Told by May Heath (Audio WMA File For IBM)

b.    John Pahl Tells the Story As Told by May Heath (Audio mp3 File For Apple)

12)           He Heard Music in the Woods

13)           Crossing the River


Stories From The Historical Society Newsletter- 1996-2008


New Stories, Include your own!


1)                Whistling Bill - Feb 2009

2)                Who Planted This Tree? - Feb 2009

3)                Pearl and Charles Parrish. They Built Saugatuck Drug - Apr 2009

4)                Who is the Oldest Person in the Saugatuck-Douglas Cemeteries? -

5)                Historic Saugatuck Chair Now Lives in Connecticut (Mar 2009)

6)                1933 Pavilion Contest Remembered - Apr 2009

7)                The James Avery Toolbox - by Brian Erickson Apr 2009

8)                Rosemont-Story of A Douglas Lakeshore Resort - by Bob Erickson Apr 2009

9)                Paradise - Reminiscence of her time at the Presbyterian Camp- by Dawn Schumann- June 2009

10)           The Hershaws Come To Saugatuck-1935 - June 2009

11)           More Centenarians - June 2009

12)           1956-57 SHS Basketball Team and CR Dietary Advice- Aug 2009

13)           Strange Fish Caught In Saugatuck - Sept 2009

14)           The Dole Family of Saugatuck -by Andrea Olmanson- Oct 2009

15)           Treasures In The Singapore Sands - Nov. 2009

16)           Memories of Michigan's Youngest Police Chief -Saugatuck 1958 - by Russell Colling-Nov. 2009

17)           The Old Chain Ferry- Written by May Francis Heath, June 14-Flag Day 1931

18)           How I Got Here- by Patricia Meyer Diepenhorst, Feb. 2010

19)           History of Saugatuck Steamers- From the Commercial Record

20)           The Heinze Resort/Jacob Fox- Feb 2010

21)           William Chadbourne- Saugatuck-Douglas Hotel Keeper- Mar 2010

22)           Old Maples at Riverside Cemetery-Apr 2010

23)           Charles J. Frehse- First Saugatuck Casualty in WWI- May 2010

24)           R. G. Huntinghouse-Dance Instructor Extraordinaire- Jun 2010

25)           Winifred Cummings Autograph Book - Jul 2010

26)           Huntinghouse's Non-sinkable Swim Suit --by Marion Britz- Aug 2010

27)           Stories From The Turtle Pond- Sept 2010

28)           Widow of Prominent Abolitionist in Taylor Cemetery- Oct. 2010

29)           Warner P. Sutton- The Diplomat From Saugatuck- Pt.1- Nov. 2010

30)           Warner P. Sutton- The Diplomat From Saugatuck- Pt 2- Dec. 2010

31)           A Dozen Daffodils For The Dearly Departed- Dec. 2010

32)           Richard B. Newnham (1819-1908)- By Sylvia Booth- Jan 2011

33)           Frank W. Wade - First White Child Born in Douglas -Feb 2011

34)           Early Days on the Lake Shore -by Dorothy Garesche Holland -Mar. 2011

35)           Rev. Alexander Thomson- Minister and Poet- Apr. 2011

36)           Grandsons of Chief Pokagon At Riverside Cemetery- May 2011

37)           Rev. Thomson Writes of Saugatuck Folklore- June 2011

38)           Cephas Field- 1850 Lighthouse Keeper- July 2011

39)           Harnassing the Bean- by R. G. Huntinghouse- Aug 2011